We do not host materials, copyrights and related rights that belong to other parties or organizations (including distribution rights). If the material is published on the site, the right holder has the right to appeal to the administration to solve this problem.

There are several options for solving the problem:

  • Replacing the existing app links of the app when copyrighted. It should also be either a stripped-down copy of the full app or a complete application, but in the presence of advertising.
  •  The app link has been replaced by Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or the official website reference of the app.
  •  To delete all references to the application site. To do this, the rights owner will need to confirm their rights with respect to the application hosted on the site. There are several ways:
  •  Write the management site listed by email, listed on the official website of the application, or with the company that makes production applications.
  •  Write to the management of the site Email specified in the application.
  •  Submit site management scanned documents confirming the existence of copyright in the app.
  •  The official website of the app or company that makes a production app, you need to create a .txt file with the name and then submit a reference from the site. Please use the Contact form to contact the Management of the Site