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Sniper Gun Game 3D assassin mod apk 3.5.2 unlimited money, stones

sniper gun game 3D Assassin Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems. Get ready for the best shooting experience, kill the criminals and save the survivors. Replaced with Premium Mod Apk and increase the money spent.

Sniper 3d assassin gun game info: fun gun games free shooting for android

Sniper shooting game 3D Mod Apk dedicate your knowledge of this beautifully designed action shooting to be patient, hard work, control the city and become a one-man army. Start hunting and killing to clear the city to survive, help cops, save survivors and free the city. Do you have enough courage to get rid of this epic moment?

We just confirmed the sniper position that fires randomly at innocent people. Destroy it before you hurt another victim. Sniper assassin fires weapons and rescues the police, no army can stop him! Choose your weapon and start hunting criminals with the police.

sniper gun game apk download
sniper gun game apk download

Why do I love this sniper 3D Assassin gun game?

  • Graphics: Uses the most advanced ultra-realistic graphics. It is also considered to be the best 3d action gun game where you can find quality in weapons and cool shooting animation. You can change the graphics quality from Low to Medium and Best.
  • Mode: Survival and hunting gun game addict. There are Primary, Daily and Secondary missions to complete. Also, if you have enough players, you can play it in PvP mode. >
  • Weapons: There are 5 types of weapons you can buy using gold and gems. These are Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Special. Some are only available for premium members.
  • Upgrades: Upgrade weapons: Barrel, Ammo, Body, Grip, Scope and Magazine and make them vulnerable to enemies. You can purchase Mufflers to hide from enemies,
  • Online and Offline: This game can be played in offline mode. However, you need an internet connection to unlock new weapon skins and play in PvP mode. Still the best 2020s offline shooting game ever.

Why sniper gun game Premium?

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If you think why you should buy a monthly / yearly premium package in Sniper 3D Gun Games, let’s see the advantages so that you can decide whether you are a premium member.

You can access special premium weapons (Golden HKSL8, Mosin Sagant, Assault S50, M107, APR Tactical etc.),
Start the free trial to make Golden HKSL8 completely free,
20% on each secondary mission You will earn bonus money,
Maximum energy will be expanded up to 20%,
Get imported weapon upgrades 25% faster.

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Gun game Mod APK Download

If you have jewelry or money trying to buy weapons, this mod will help you a lot with the following things:

  • Unlimited money,
  • Endless Stones,
  • Premium Sniper Rifle,
  • Premium Features Unlocked,
  • Buy and Unlock All Weapons: Weapons, sniper, shotgun, assault rifle from the store.
  • Note: Money Increases in Spending. However, you cannot exceed the current balance.

Download Sniper 3D Assassin Mod Apk 3.5.2 Gun Games, Unlimited Money and Stones 2020

Note: You cannot purchase all weapons through these stones. You can only buy weapons limited with gemstones and upgrade them with gemstones (Internet connection required). But you can use all your gold.

Download from Google Drive

Download from Medi…

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